Struggling With Procrastination?

You know the feeling, every time you open that project, think about investing in the back to school arguments, or decide to finally tell your spouse you need to talk, your mind zones out. You find yourself absentmindedly scrolling through social media, playing a little more animal crossing, or binging another Netflix show.

You’re not alone. This pandemic has dramatically shifted our day to day, and this is another change we can chalk up to COVID. With increased stress and anxiety, isolation, burn out, and lack of control; we’re finding ourselves craving distraction. This may seem innocent at first, another change to adjust to, but it also tells us there’s more happening below the surface.

Most of us know that, but how do you deal with it? How do you really know what is happening and figure out how to manage it?

Let’s start one step at a time. Together we’ll lead you through, show you how to question and understand what’s deeper, and adopt the techniques to overcome where you’re stuck.

We can walk you through managing the discomfort of starting, and teach you little tricks to stay mindful throughout the day. We can help you narrow your focus, catch the patterns of distraction, and call attention to bring you back. We’ll teach you to break things down, to evolve your coping mechanisms, and reconnect to where you want to be.

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